FRANTIC 025 - Lady Banana / Skeptics split 7"

by LB / SK



Göteborg, Sweden's trashiest duo ever Lady Banana (featuring ex-Tundra Fucks' Pontus) and French Fuzz Punk meisters The Skeptics from La Rochelle (members of White Fangs, Mean Things, Wild Zeros and much more) team-up on this split 7". Each band gives us an original and covers one of their favourite songs. Those tracks were all recorded by Lo'Spider at Swampland Studios, Toulouse, where they stopped for a few days during their joint 'Tour De France' - which actually ended up in Germany - in late-October/early-November 2012. After their first 7" out on Frantic City a few months before (FRANTIC 020), Lady Banana goes on building their own 'Wall of Trash' sound and on the flip you'll find the very first 'band recordings' from the Skeptics. All previous material (two 7"es and an LP) was recorded by Bart De Vraantijk only, now on these tracks Bart was playing the guitar and singing along with Kristal on Bass and Etienne from Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Crash Normal, White Ass (also running Inch Allah Records) on simplified drums. Get ready for the most Primitive Trash Garage Punk sounds you've heard since a very long time!!


released June 19, 2013


all rights reserved


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